Swarovski Floating Charms

Swarovski Floating Charms – A Must-Have For Any Jewellery Lover

Swarovski floating charms are a must-have for any jewellery fan. No matter whether you are looking for something for yourself or you are searching for a special gift, floating charms in a locket come highly recommended. If this is something you have not come across before, read on to discover more.

Floating charms are designed to go inside Swarovski pendants. These pendants are lockets, but not lockets as they are traditionally known. Instead, they feature a modern design whereby several charms ‘float’ inside the pendant. The wearer can add or remove the charms as they see fit. Because you cannot see the connection, it appears as if the charms are floating. The concept behind these charms is very simply. Each charm has a special meaning, or represents an event or memory. The charms can be a unique display of things that are special to the person, or they can tell a story. For example, the charms could represent the love between you and your partner – you could include a love heart charm, a letter charm – your partner’s initials perhaps, and a charm with the word ‘wife’ or ‘girlfriend’ written on it. Once the wearer starts to build up their charm collection, they can switch the charms around based on their mood, colour choice and even what they are wearing. These charms can be passed down over generations, making them extra special and a great collectible.

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