Swarovski Crystal Charms

Swarovski Crystal Charms – Dos And Don’ts When Buying Charms

Swarovski crystal charms are widely available today for lockets and bracelets. When buying such a special gift for someone you love, you need to choose it with care. With that in mind, below we have put together some dos and don’ts when buying charms.

Firstly, DO go with your instincts. Charms are all about showing off the person’s character and adding to their story. So, when you are shopping, choose something that reminds you of the receiver – don’t simply feel like you have to choose something obvious and generic. There is no need to play it safe. Consider the person’s favourite hobbies, sports, animals, colours and alike. DON’T mix metals. If you have purchased a silver locket or bracelet, then stick with silver charms. In some cases, it is acceptable to mix metals, but when buying for someone else, it is not worth the risk. Stick to charms that match the metal on their bracelet or necklace. DO add some colour. Look for charms that have Swarovski crystals in different colours. From pale blue to light pink, there are some gorgeous shades of crystal available. DON’T sacrifice quality for cost. This does not mean you should go for the most expensive charm you find. However, you do need to be sure of quality first and foremost. If you simply look for the cheapest charm, you could be sacrificing quality. Not only does this mean the charm could lose its beauty quickly, but it could also cause damage to the bracelet or locket.

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