Sterling Silver Round Locket

Sterling Silver Round Locket – Gifting A Locket

Sterling silver round locket is a piece of jewellery that makes a beautiful gift. You will struggle to find another type of jewellery that is as special and as thoughtful as a locket. This is because the gift carries a deeper meaning, based on the relationship between you and the recipient.

A husband may give his wife a locket to celebrate a special anniversary or the birth of a child, for example. Or, a mother may give her daughter a sterling silver locket for her graduation or 16th birthday. Lockets make memorable gifts for practically any occasion, as they boast the ability to share personal, unique stories. So, if you have an occasion that calls for a story, be it a baptism, graduation, new job, new home, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, or a birthday, a locket makes the perfect gift. There are several things that do need to be considered when looking for a locket for someone else. This includes finding charms that are compatible with the locket. You want to ensure that there is a good assortment available so that the recipient has the ability to create a piece of jewellery that is unique to them. You also need to think about the style of the locket; is the wearer a fan of modern jewellery or more vintage designs? Think about the personality of the recipient and the type of jewellery that they usually wear.

At Encanto Jewellery, we have a great assortment of lockets for sale, and we can help you to find the perfect sterling silver round locket for someone close to you. All you need to do is head to our website,, to see the different options we have available. Alternatively, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01562 884450 or send an email to