Sterling Silver Locket Bracelet

Sterling Silver Locket Bracelet – Preventative Care

Sterling silver locket bracelet – Is this a piece of jewellery you currently own or you are interested in buying? Either way it is important that you care for this special piece of jewellery properly. This always begins with preventative care. Read on for some top tips.

There are several tips you can follow to ensure that you maintain the beauty and quality of your sterling silver locket and charms. Firstly, wearing your bracelet on a regular occasion can help to avoid tarnish. You may think that it is good to keep your locket locked away; leaving it for special occasions, but that may do it more harm than good. This is because the oils in your skin will effectively clean the silver, which results in it looking sparkly and shiny. Aside from this, avoid exposure with chlorinated water, rubber, perspiration, household chemicals, or any substances that contain sulphur – examples include wool, latex, onions, mustard, eggs and mayonnaise. This is important because sulphur can cause the silver to tarnish and corrode. The best thing to do is remove your locket if you are doing any household tasks. Also, take your locket off before you go swimming or sunbathing, as direct sunlight can also cause tarnish. Finally, storing your jewellery right is important. The best way to do this is by using airtight plastic bags with anti-tarnish strips. Use one bag per jewellery piece; don’t be tempted to stack your jewellery pieces on top of one and other.

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