Sterling Silver Floating Locket

Sterling Silver Floating Locket – Remember A Lost Loved One

Sterling silver Floating locket is a special piece of jewellery. If someone you love has recently passed away, a locket with floating precious charms is the perfect way to remember them. Read on to discover more about this beautiful suggestion.

There is no greater pain than losing someone you love, whether it is a friend, partner, parent or anyone else you were close to. It is important to remember the person you have lost and to celebrate the time you spent together. One way you can do this is with a special sterling silver locket that contains charms that were unique to you both. Opting for a glass front sterling silver locket with heart charms is definitely an option to consider, as the heart is a universal symbol of love. You can then select several other charms that mean something to you and the person that has passed away. This could be a charm that symbolises the relationship you shared; for example, you could opt for something that has the words ‘friends’. You could also choose charms that represent a memory you shared with the person. For instance, if you used to play dress-up with your daughter, you could opt for a charm of a princess crown or wand. This is a great way of remembering the person and ensuring they are with you all the time. You could even include handmade ash charms in the design, which is an option more and more people are going for.

There is no denying that a sterling silver floating locket with heart charms incorporated into it, is the perfect way to remember a lost loved one and carry them with you wherever you go. To find the perfect locket for you, all you need to do is head to the Encanto Jewellery website at If you have any queries, please send them to