Sterling Silver Family Locket

Sterling Silver Family Locket – Creating An Heirloom

Sterling silver family locket is a piece of jewellery that is certainly worth cherishing. This is a unique piece of jewellery that is guaranteed to lead to numerous compliments and which can be handed down to the next generation. But, what if you don’t already have a family locket?

If your family doesn’t have a locket to pass down from mother to daughter, then now is the time to begin a new family tradition. A good place to start is with a sterling silver locket. Silver is the perfect metal because it is unlikely to go out of style, and can be worn every day, unlike many older heavier gold lockets. If you want to create something completely different with your new family heirloom, the consider a locket with a glass front that can contain charms rather than a picture. There are several reasons why this is the best approach. Firstly, everyone can see and admire the charms, rather than wondering what might be hidden within the locket. Secondly, the charms can be added to or changed over time. The originals are kept to be handed on, but the locket itself can be personalised to the wearer it has been entrusted to. This makes it more likely to be worn and enjoyed by each generation to come. If you want to create an heirloom like this, it is important to choose a retailer with care if you are to be certain of high levels of quality and craftsmanship.

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