Sterling Silver Locket

Sterling Silver Locket Decisions – Match The Locket With The Recipient

Sterling silver locket gifts have become popular in recent years as the trend for personalised gifts has increased. Thanks to innovative designers and craftsmen, locket charms have emerged alongside charm bracelets as one of the best personalised gifts for loved ones. However, what this requires is a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Lockets can tell an excellent story about a person as well as celebrating them or a particular event. If you’re attempting to create the ideal gift for someone, think about what they mean to you and how you’d best like to express that in jewellery form.

Choosing The Perfect Charms For Someone

Ideally, when you’re searching for a sterling silver locket with charms, you’ll be creating a piece of jewellery that means a great deal to the person you’re giving it to. This is why charms generally are chosen with meaning. Love heart charms are especially popular, particularly when coupled with initials or other meaningful charms. Sterling silver lockets and memory lockets UK wide are best when combined with quality charms. If you’re giving the locket as a present celebrating the birth of a child, for instance, then you may choose initials combined with a love heart charm or a representation of a baby such as a bow. Thanks to the popularity of this type of gift, there are many sets already available that allow for personalisation. Crystal love hearts are also popular options for wedding and anniversary gifts, again popular when coupled with initials and enclosed in a locket. It’s true, too, that there are specialised charms available celebrating mothers, daughters and sisters. Purchasing these charms not only allows you to express affection towards a loved one, it also serves as a proud symbol of affection to all who see the charm locket. Many people also choose to remember their loved ones through a locket and charm set. These can include angel wings charms or fingerprint charms, along with initials and love hearts. Large sterling silver locket options like these can provide a lasting tribute to a relative or friend and, as a consequence, designers have paid particular attention to developing fitting charms for these lockets.

Sterling Silver Locket Pendant Stories – Tell A Tale

One of the pieces of advice often repeated when people are considering buying charms, whether it’s for a sterling silver locket pendant or a sterling silverlocket bracelet, is that you should aim to tell a story with the locket. That can sound like a tall order. After all, aren’t you just buying a pretty locket and some charms? The truth is, whenever someone sets out to buy someone they love a present like a floating charm locket, it’s intended to be an emotive present. So, with that in mind, all you have to do is think carefully about the individual you’re buying a locket for. Do they love animals? If so, there are locket options on the market already designed with animals in mind, as well as customisable locket choices. If you want to celebrate a mother’s love, there’s a clear progression for expressing this in locket form – your initial, their initial and a love heart, perhaps one with “Mum” written on it. The purpose of the locket, therefore, is to show appreciation for that particular mother and child relationship. You could even mix up the motifs somewhat by adding a pet paw charm to a locket designed to celebrate a certain relationship. If the recipient has a love of animals, or there a good memory associated with them, this could be ideal. Whatever type of relationship you’re celebrating, be sure to tell a story that is uniquely yours. In addition, you should purchase your charms from a reputable supplier such as Encanto Jewellery who care about the final product.

Tell Your Story With A Sterling Silver Locket From Encanto Jewellery

When you buy a sterling silver locket from our unique collections at Encanto Jewellery, you are assured of a professional service from start to finish. Our lockets and charms have been designed in response to the growing market for quality jewellery in the UK. From our base in the West Midlands, we manufacture and deliver locket sets to our customers. You can buy one of our sets and add a third charm or you can start from scratch – the choice is yours. Find out more by visiting and browsing our range of beautiful locket and charm sets now.