Silver Pendant For Ashes – A Tradition That Goes Back Longer Than You May Think

Silver pendant for ashes may be something you are considering as a way to remember a loved one. Remembrance charms have become exceptionally popular as of late. However, this is a trend that has been around for a lot longer than you may realise.

For hundreds of years, mourning jewellery was worn as a way to commemorate loved ones that had passed away. People wanted something so they could remember their loved one, and back then, there was no photography. This is why people started making memorial jewellery. This isn’t something that was simply limited to women. Memorial pocket watches and cufflinks were created as well for men. Interestingly, different gems and metals were used to signify different things. For example, the loss of a child was symbolised by the use of pearl. If the deceased was a woman who had died a virgin and unmarried, white enamel would be used. Different colours also represented different stages of grief. The piece of jewellery would incorporate various colours that would match the changing period of the grief for those observing the traditional Victorian public mourning time. Wearing other pieces of jewellery with mourning jewellery was generally permissible; although under the traditional and strict Victorian tradition, the first two to three years after the death meant only mourning jewellery could be worn. Queen Victoria popularised the tradition. She wore a mourning ring for her husband, Prince Albert, for the rest of her life.

As you can see, a silver pendant for ashes is not only a beautiful sentiment, but it is a tradition. If you have lost a loved one, you should definitely consider adding pendants for ashes to a memory locket so that you can keep them close to your heart at all times. At Encanto Jewellery, we have a great collection for sale. Discover more at