Silver Charms

Silver Charms – Why Buy Silver?

Silver charms are some of the most popular charms available, both for charm lockets and charm bracelets. They allow for beautiful charms to be created which last for a long time whilst still offering exceptional value for money. It can also be maintained easily through regular cleaning, ensuring that it stays beautiful though the years. For charm lockets, it provides an ideal material in all respects and there are plenty of sterling silver charms available to personalise a locket to make it uniquely yours. When buying a charm locket, you could grab a bargain and a long-lasting piece of jewellery with sterling silver.

Ideal Charms Come In Silver

Firstly, what is sterling silver? When you buy silver necklace charms or heart charms, you’re not purchasing something that is pure silver. Since pure silver is very soft, it’s generally alloyed with copper or another metal to increase the strength sufficiently. Consumers seem to prefer sterling jewellery for several reasons, including because it comes with a far lower price tag than gold or platinum. This means that sterling silver is good value for money, allowing consumers to buy it in greater quantities than other metals. In terms of silver charm jewellery, for example, the price can be the difference between buying one charm in a more expensive material and buying three in sterling silver. It’s also true that sterling silver charms can stand the test of time. Normal wear can cause surface damage, as with any other material, but sterling silver can be filed and polished by jewellers to repair any blemishes that may appear on the piece over time. This increases their longevity and the repair costs are relatively small. For charm necklaces, this ensures that a piece intended to be a lasting representation of an event or a special relationship endures through the years. Because silver is so cost-effective for designers, too, it means that the options available for consumers are increased. The charms are not only cheaper and more durable, there are also more options, allowing you to create a necklace that’s perfect for you or the person you’re offering it to as a gift.

Buying Silver Letter Charms For Necklace Keepsakes

Some of the most popular silver charms for necklace choices on the market are the individually crafted silver letter charms for necklace gifts and keepsakes. While these charms are ostensibly simple, they are beautiful when designed correctly and paired with the right locket combination. Individual letters can be used to represent a person and their loved ones. A popular option for new babies, for instance, is to pair the first letter of the baby’s name with the first letters of their parents. This is a unique gift that many family members have taken advantage of as the popularity of locket charm necklaceshas increased in recent years. Similarly, a unique anniversary gift can be created using the initials of the married couple. There are other uses for silver letter charms in lockets too. For example, you can design a depiction of a personality by using a letter charm alongside other silver charms such as a love heart to show affection or a flower to represent a lovely personality. You can even purchase charms which infer a relationship between two people such as kissing figures. The locket that you create will be a lasting gift, whether for yourself or someone else, to remember a certain time, place or person. Buying a sterling silver charm locket doesn’t have to be a taxing experience. If you purchase from one of the reputable craftsmen in the UK, you’ll have a beautiful piece of jewellery to treasure. One such company is Encanto Jewellery, based in the West Midlands.

Buy Quality Sterling Silver Charms From Encanto Jewellery

The lockets and charms available from Encanto Jewellery are of the highest quality. We know that our customers adore how sterling silver looks and feels, along with enjoying the lower price tag compared to gold and platinum. Our jewellery has been designed with beauty and value in mind, allowing you to match silver lockets with silver charms and build a unique gift for yourself or a loved one. When you order online from us, we supply our jewellery in our unique bag boxes to ensure your experience is perfect from the moment you open your post. Browse online now at