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Beautiful Memory Lockets in the UK, Ashes Pendant, and Lockets for Ashes at Encanto

It is a reality that at some point in your life, you will have to face the sad situation of losing someone who is dear to you. It may be a grandparent, a parent, a friend, a co-worker, or a pet. The feeling of lost and the idea that you may never see them again is surely unexplainable. But, the love that the person gave you and your love for that person will surely stay forever. With the help of our company's memory lockets for ashes or photos, charms, and pendants, you can express your love for the person who passed away. You will also feel like you are always close to him or her.

Encanto Jewellery is a family-operated company that has been known for providing authentic, handmade, and beautiful jewellery in the United Kingdom since 1892. Our company was established after the death of one of our family members. That is why we do understand the feeling of losing a loved one. With our commitment to satisfy your needs and meet your expectations, as our clients, our experienced and brilliant designers have developed simple, meaningful, and beautiful pendants, charms, and lockets for ashes or pictures that can commemorate your dead loved ones.

We are truly proud and confident to say that our products are made using 92.5% silver materials. We also have an inventory of authentic and quality precious stones that have crisp lines and well-refined forms.

Our Memory Lockets UK

If you are a great fan of jewellery products or accessories, you have an idea that a memory lockets are a pendant that you can open and close. The compartment inside serves as space wherein you can place your picture and a picture of someone dear to you. You can also use that compartment for other sentimental items like the strands of your baby's first haircut. Lockets have also been used as a family heirloom since its introduction to the public.

But what makes our memory lockets UK collection different from others? What you will love about our memory lockets is that you will be given the option to choose the design that you want. You can choose our circular locket if you want something that can symbolise your eternal love. You may also go for our heart-shaped lockets that truly shout the word love. You can also choose to surround the lockets with Swarovski crystals or leave them as is. In addition, we can also engrave some letterings or words on the locket if you want to.

Ashes Pendant and Lockets for Ashes

We also have well-crafted Ashes pendant and Lockets for Ashes that can help you express your everlasting love for your loved one who passed away. We have circular pendants and floating charms that have a special compartment for the ashes of your cremated loved one. Since we want you to have a personal touch on the ashes pendant and charm that you are going to buy, we will allow you to customise some parts of the product. You can choose to add a crystal to the pendant or near the pendant. You can also mix another type of pendant to the ash pendant if you want to.

So, if you want to continually express your endless love for a person who passed away, start exploring our sets of memory lockets, pendants, and charms. Or better yet, start giving us the details of the memory jewellery that you want!

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