Personalised Charm Lockets For Your Daughter On Her Graduation

Personalised charm lockets are the perfect gift to give your daughter when graduating. There is no denying that this is a special moment in any parent’s life. Seeing their child graduate from school, college or university is a proud moment, and most parents give their child a gift as a way of congratulating them for all of their hard work.

While there are many different gift options to consider, if you are purchasing something for your daughter, a memory locket with a number of charms will definitely impress. Not only is this a gorgeous piece of jewellery, but it is one that holds special meaning, and it is something your daughter will cherish for years and years to come. But what sort of locket charms should you include in the necklace? Well, there are plenty of options. Let’s begin with the most obvious – a heart. The universal symbol of love, you cannot go wrong with a heart charm, and there are so many different designs to choose from, including hearts with the word ‘daughter’ engraved on the them, as well as those encrusted with different colour crystals. There are also many unique charms that symbolise the relationship between a parent and a child, including those depicting a mother and child holding hands, for example. You may even be able to find something that illustrates the career path your daughter is intending to go down. For example, if they are going to be a vet, you could choose something animal related, such as a horseshoe or a paw print.

If you like the sound of this type of gift for your daughter upon her graduation, Encanto Jewellery can assist. We have a wide range of personalised charm lockets available, as well as an extensive collection of charms, including all of those mentioned above and more. To get started, head to