Sterling Silver Lockets For Ashes

Sterling Silver Lockets For Ashes – A Trend Popularised By Queen Victoria

Sterling silver lockets for ashes may be something you haven’t heard a lot about before. However, this type of jewellery has been around far longer than you may realise. In fact, it was popularised by Queen Victoria many years ago. Discover more below.

Queen Victoria was well known for her love of fashion, and she changed the industry following the death of her husband, Prince Albert. She gave jewellery a greater meaning. Until her death in 1901, she wore a charm bracelet. Each locket on the charm bracelet contains a photograph for the family or a memento of hair. A lot the lockets on the charm featured a heart shape. This was not standard for the common charm bracelet back then. However, today, heart charms are arguably the most popular for both bracelets and memory lockets. When Prince Albert passed away, Queen Victoria and the rest of the family wore black clothing and jewellery, as was common for the mourning period back then. Nevertheless, Queen Victoria decided to wear her husband’s mourning ring for the rest of her life, as a way of keeping him close and remembering him. There is no denying the huge role she has played within the jewellery sector, particularly in regards to remembrance jewellery, hence the popularity of pendants for ashes today. Nowadays, more and more people are having handmade cremation ash charms created so that they can place them inside a memory locket and keep their loved one next to their heart at all times.

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