Silver Ashes Pendant

Silver Ashes Pendant – Remembering Your Pet

Silver ashes pendant is something you should consider if your pet has recently passed away. For most people, their pet is like another family member. When they die, it can feel like you have lost a close relative. The pain is unbearable for most.

One of the ways to remember your pet and to keep them close to you at all times is to have their ashes put into a charm. Pendants for ashes have become very popular over the past few years. They enable you to keep your pet next to your heart, and this can be a great source of comfort for most people. Additionally, when you consider the other animal themed charms that are available, it is easy for you to build the perfect remembrance locket for your pet. You can combine the cremation ash charm with any number of other charms. Popular animal charms include paw prints, cats, dogs, horses and horseshoes. There are also plenty of other charms that can symbolise the love you had for your pet, including love heart charms and a charm representing the infinity symbol. Otherwise, why not choose a letter charm, featuring the first letter of your pet’s name? You could also opt for angel wings, so that your pet is protected and watched over now they are no longer with you. The options are endless. Finish off the locket with a couple of loose Swarovski crystals and you have the perfect memory locket for your pet.

If you are interested in a silver ashes pendant, Encanto Jewellery can assist. We have a great selection of cremation ash charms in different colours, enabling you to choose the perfect one for you. We also have all of the charms mentioned above available, plus many, many more. For more information, simply head to our website: