Pendants To Hold Cremated Ashes

Pendants To Hold Cremated Ashes – A Must For Your Memory Locket

Pendants to hold cremated ashes in a charm are a must if you have lost a loved one. This is a beautiful way to keep someone close to your heart at all times. If you have a memory locket, team one of these charms with a love heart charm or an angel wings charm for the perfect remembrance locket.

Memory charms are becoming more and more popular, and this means that there is a great selection of pendants for ashes to choose from today. You can select from a wide array of colours, meaning you can choose a colour that matches the current charms you have in your pendant, or you could go for the favourite colour of the person who has passed away. Perhaps even simply choose a colour that reminds you of them. One of the great things about cremation ash charms is that they make a lovely gift for all of the family members. You are only going to need less than a teaspoonful of ashes for each cremation charm, which means that everyone in the family and close friends can benefit from such a beautiful keepsake. Of course, you can also wear two or more cremation charms in your memory locket at once – so you can keep beloved pets or several loved ones with you at once. Alternatively, you could create a unique memory locket for each person.

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