Pendant Necklace For Ashes

Pendant Necklace For Ashes – Building A Remembrance Locket

Pendant necklace for ashes is a beautiful way to remember someone you love that has passed away. More and more people are creating remembrance lockets so that they can keep a loved one close to them at all times. Below, we have put together some suggestions for creating a memory locket to help you get started.

Of course, there is only one place to begin, and this is with pendants for ashes. You can get pendant charms in a variety of colours that enable you to store ashes inside. You will then have your loved one next to your heart all of the time. But what charms should you team with this pendant charm for a complete remembrance locket? There are many different options. One beautiful charm to go for is the angel wings charm. This can signify many different things; that the one who has passed is now an angel, or that you have an angel to protect them while they are no longer close by, for example. Another option is to include a love heart charm, symbolising your love for the person that has passed. There are many heart charms available, ranging from plain sterling silver charms to those that are embellished in Swarovski crystals. You could also opt for a heart with engraved writing, such as the words ‘mum’ or ‘love’. You may even find that there are charms unique to you and the person you are remembering – a charm that reminds you of a holiday you shared or an animal that you loved, for instance. Once you start browsing, you will be amazed by the options that are available.

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