Necklace Pendants For Ashes

Necklace Pendants For Ashes – Keep Your Loved One Close To Your Heart

Necklace pendants for ashes are something of a new phenomenon. As memory lockets become more and more popular, a more diverse set of charms has become available. Perhaps the most unique of them all are handmade cremation ash charms. This is a beautiful way to keep a loved one close to your heart.

When someone passes away, and they have chosen to be cremated, knowing what to do with the ashes can be difficult. Some people may have stipulated where they want their ashes to be scattered before they passed – a place that is special to them, such as where they got married or where they went on a special family holiday. For others, their ashes will be kept in an urn. However, a handmade remembrance charm containing a small amount of the cremation ashes is a wonderful way of keeping your loved ones close. Of course, you can then scatter the rest of the ashes if that is what they wanted. There is something extremely special about pendants for ashes. When we lose someone we love, it is one of the most difficult situations we go through. We feel as if we have lost them forever. This distance is hard for many to overcome. And, while a remembrance charm cannot bring the person back, it means that you are carrying them with you wherever you go. This can offer a great source of comfort and ensure you remain connected to your loved one at all times.

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