Silver Locket Charm

Silver Locket Charm – How To Tell If Your Charm Is Real Sterling Silver

Silver locket charm may be something you are looking for to go inside of your floating memory locket. Nonetheless, when you receive your charm, you want to be sure that it is genuine. With that in mind, below, we reveal how to tell if your charm is real sterling silver.

Before you even begin to assess the lockets themselves, the most important thing is to purchase from a reputable retailer in the first place. Before you submit your order, do a bit of research on the Internet to make sure the company has a good reputation. If they have sold many fake items before, you can be sure that there will be an abundance of negative reviews online, warning you not to purchase from the company in question. Once you receive your locket charms, there are a number of things you can do to determine whether they are real or not. Firstly, you should see whether the charm has a hallmark on it. All genuine sterling silver items in the UK have a hallmark. Another way to determine whether your charm is genuine sterling silver is to smell the item. You shouldn’t be able to smell anything! If you do, it is likely that there is too much copper in the charm, or another type of material. Your charm should also not be magnetic, as silver is a non-ferrous metal, just like platinum and gold. If your charm is magnetic, it is not silver. Of course, the other option is to simply take your charm to a professional and have it appraised.

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