Personalised Lockets

Personalised Lockets & Charms

Personalised charm lockets are the perfect gift to give your daughter when graduating. There is no denying that this is a special moment in any parent’s life. Seeing their child graduate from school, college or university is a proud moment, and most parents give their child a gift as a way of congratulating them for all of their hard work.

Personalised Lockets – While there are many different gift options to consider, if you are purchasing something for your daughter, a memory locket with a number of charms will definitely impress. Not only is this a gorgeous piece of jewellery, but it is one that holds special meaning, and it is something your daughter will cherish for years and years to come. But what sort of locket charms should you include in the necklace? Well, there are plenty of options.

Let’s begin with the most obvious – a heart. The universal symbol of love, you cannot go wrong with a heart charm, and there are so many different designs to choose from, including hearts with the word ‘daughter’ engraved on them, as well as those encrusted with different colour crystals. There are also many unique charms that symbolise the relationship between a parent and a child, including those depicting a mother and child holding hands, for example.

You may even be able to find something that illustrates the career path your daughter is intending to go down. For example, if they are going to be a vet, you could choose something animal related, such as a horseshoe or a paw print.

If you like the sound of this type of gift for your daughter upon her graduation, Encanto Jewellery can assist. We have a wide range of personalised charm lockets available, as well as an extensive collection of charms, including all of those mentioned above and more.

Personalised Lockets with a Charm: Timeless Jewellery Products

Do you want to own jewellery that you can keep for a long period of time? Or do you want to give someone a timeless piece of jewellery? Our The Encanto Jewellery Boutique:
Encanto Jewellery, our company, is a boutique that specialises in producing silver lockets and charms. We are one of the jewellery companies in the United Kingdom that use the standard and authentic 92.5% silver materials. In order to make sure that our products are solid and sparkly, we included quality and well-refined metals to the silver materials that we use.

That sterling silver produced is carefully made with the help of our experienced and trusted jewellery makers. They are also proficient in working with the most precious stones and gems, which ensures that our products are handled with great care. Thus, you are also assured that we only use carefully selected Swarovski crystals because they can easily spot any blemishes.

The Swarovski crystals that we embellish in our sterling lockets and charms come in a colourless form that has a good sparkle. We also have other colours including blue, pink, red, gold, orange, green, and purple. What is better is that these crystals are all sculpted in a very keen manner to produce a shape or cut that is almost perfect, as well as lines that are crisp enough.

Memory Lockets:

A locket is a jewellery item that has been used for many years as a pendant that has a significant symbolism. It is also commonly called a memory locket because it usually contains the picture of a loved one. Since the product can be opened, the other area of the locket may also hold the image of the person using it.

Lockets are products that are often passed on from one family generation to another. Thus, it is also an heirloom piece for some families. What is better, nowadays, is that their timelessness can be further enhanced by having them personalised or customised by our experts. But, how can we tailor our lockets to your needs and wants?

Personalised Lockets:

Our circular lockets are made with a surrounding sterling silver material and have a centre that is made with clear and quality glass. At one of their ends, we have incorporated a two-inch silver slot wherein you can place a necklace chain, which is also available in our company in an 18-inch length. You can have our regular lockets personalised by letting us embed the silver area with colourless or coloured Swarovski crystals.

Apart from that, we also make sure that you can have personalised lockets by allowing you to choose the charm that you want to be placed inside the locket. We have different charms that are available for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s days, baptisms, and birthdays. You can also choose charms that will just signify your interest, name, or love for someone else.

Personalised Charms:

We have sterling silver charms that come in different shapes. We have charms that have been moulded into a letter, which you can choose if you want to carry the first letter of your name or of your loved one. We also have awareness ribbons if you are a person who loves to join different organisations that have strong advocacies.

If you are a pet lover, we also have charms that are made into a shape of a dog paw, as well as a kitten. On the other hand, if you want to gift a friend, relative, or co-worker who just gave birth, you can choose our cute baby-feet-shaped charms. We also have other charms that are available like hearts, angel wings, butterflies, and flowers.

As similar to our lockets, you can also request to have them embedded with Swarovski crystals. Likewise, we are also capable of imprinting words or phrases like names, signatures, and short messages on our sterling silver charms. Nevertheless, if you are a person who just wants to have a simple charm and does not want any engravings or crystals, you can opt for our fingerprint charms.

As the name implies, our fingerprint charms are products that have your fingerprint or your loved one’s fingerprint on it. They have circular shapes so that they can accommodate the fingerprint that will be placed on them.

Personalised Lockets with a Charm

A memory locket or a locket does not sustain its purpose if it does not contain a piece of charm. As mentioned earlier, the charms are already becoming popular replacements for photos. Nevertheless, pictures can still be incorporated in our lockets if you want to.

As mentioned earlier, our personalised lockets have transparent central areas so that the personalised charms can be seen clearly. Through that, the charms will appear like they are floating even if they are not. That will indeed add more beauty to the product when you wear them over your clothes.

In order to emphasise your personal touch on the product that you are buying from us, we can incorporate three charms, of your choice, in one locket. By doing that, you can have charms that have different or strengthened symbolisms. Also, if you want a personalised locket that can commemorate a lost loved one, we can have some of the ashes of your dead loved one placed in our glass-clear lockets.

Buying Personalised Products from Us:

Since we value your needs and wants, we always make sure that you have different options once you choose to purchase from our company. As can be denoted from above, we sell personalised lockets that have a charm or charms inside them. Those items are already sold together with a sterling silver necklace.

However, if you already have an old locket, you may also choose to just buy a personalised charm or several charms in our company. We can also have the charm or charms placed inside your old locket, or you can choose to place it on your own. Likewise, you can decide to just buy a locket from us.

What you will truly love about our timeless products is that we will place all your purchases inside a beautiful and unique gift box. Likewise, all our products come with exclusive markings that portray their authenticity.

So, if you want to have a necklace or you want to give someone a necklace that has a personalised locket and charm that can be passed on to the next generation, then Encanto Jewellery is the right one for you.