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Necklace Locket Charms – Cat Charms

Necklace locket charms are widely available today, with plenty of different options to choose from, ranging from heart charms to letter charms. Animal charms in particular can be very popular with those who have pets or simply love animals. In this post, we are going to take a look at cat charms.

Of course, cat charms are a must for anyone that owns or has owned a cat, or simply loves our feline friends. However, there is a lot more behind these cute feline locket charms. Cats are packed with symbolic meanings, and so a cat charm can be more powerful than you may initially realise. This is because virtually every culture has some type of story or myth that features the feline. Needless to say, you are probably aware of the Western tradition that associates black cats with witchcraft; however, this is just one of many beliefs. The cat is viewed as a guardian of the Otherworld as part of ancient Celtic mythology. In this belief, the world does not understand the depth of knowledge the cat has, and it keeps all of the Otherworld’s secrets to itself. In ancient Egypt, cats were sacred, and Bastet, their lunar goddess, even had the head of a cat. In Norse legend, the cat is seen as a blessing upon newborns, as there is a picture of a cat on the chariot of Freyja, their fertility goddess. All in all, a cat can symbolise watchfulness, supernatural, independence, intelligence, intuition, mystery, secrecy, selectiveness, cleverness and astuteness.

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