Memory Locket Charms UK

Memory Locket Charms UK – Different Styles Of Memory Lockets

Memory locket charms UK wide have become very popular over the past few years. This modern style of locket and charms has really taken off, and if you are unfamiliar with it, you are in for a treat. Below, we are going to take a look at the main styles of memory lockets that are available today.

For most people, the word ‘locket’ will invoke images of a traditional photo locket; in other words, a necklace with a pendant on the end, which enables you to show off a picture of your loved one. This can either be in the form of a simple pendant, where the photo is always on show; or it can be a closed pendant, where you open it up to reveal two slots for photos of those you love. These lockets are still available today and are a valued keepsake. Another type of locket is a perfume locket. This is something you will struggle to find in store, but may be something your grandma is all too familiar with.

The third and arguably most fabulous type of locket is the one that is becoming more popular today, and this is a charm locket. These lockets feature a glass pendant which enables you to store numerous locket charms inside. The charms are special to the person in question. They may represent a relationship they have, or they may be a symbol of a special memory or even a personality trait. For example, you can choose baby feet charms to represent the birth of a newborn, or love hearts to symbolise the love between you and your partner.

At Encanto Jewellery, we have a great selection of memory pendants and memory locket charms UK delivery available. Choose from various charms, including those adorned with stunning Swarovski crystals, as well as those featuring cremation ash or fingerprint charms.

Memory Locket Charms for Special Events

As a human being, you are filled with a lot of memories and special events in your life that are meant to be cherished for the rest of your life. And those moments should not just be kept in your heart and mind. You should also have something that will continuously remind you of them even when you get old. That is the reason why memory locket necklace products have become very popular.

Memory Locket Necklaces:

As an overview, a memory locket necklace is a piece of jewellery that has a chain wherein a locket is hanging on it. Lockets are specially made pendants that you can open and close so that you can place the photo of the person you love or a particular moment in your life. They have been considered for a long time as beautiful pieces of heirloom that can be passed on to the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. of the original owner.

At present, memory locket necklaces are commonly called floating memory locket charms. That is because the modern lockets can already be incorporated with symbolic pieces, which are called floating charms. Nevertheless, their purpose of symbolising a special event in a person’s life is still the same.

With that in mind, it can be said that this new version of memory lockets are more specific when it pertains to remembering your special moments in life. And if you are trying to find one for yourself or for your loved one, our company, Encanto Jewellery has a lot to offer you.

Our Jewellery Boutique:

Our UK-based company has a wide-selection of lockets and locket charms that are made with quality and genuine sterling or 92.5% silver materials. We also made sure that all the metals and Swarovski crystals incorporated in our products are in great shape and quality by hiring skilled and knowledgeable jewellery makers.

Our team of jewellery makers has an extensive experience in working with and handling different types of precious stones and gems. Thus, all our materials and finished products are treated well and made by caring and trained hands.

Personalised Memory Lockets and Floating Charms UK:

The lockets and floating charms that you can find in our company may have shapes that are ordinary or general in nature. However, we make sure that you can have something that is very special by letting you personalise the whole item that you are going to purchase from us.

Our memory lockets are circular in shape and have an extended two-inch part that is intended for the chain. These round lockets have edges that are made with sterling silver materials and a central area that is made with blemish-free and quality glass. As similar to traditional lockets, the central area can also be opened and closed.

But if you want to have lockets that are more sophisticated-looking, we recommend you to choose our lockets that have Swarovski crystals embedded on their silver edges. You will honestly be amazed because we will allow you choose whether we will use a crystal-clear or a coloured gem.

When it comes to our charms, you may choose to have letters, words, or phrases imprinted on them. As similar to our lockets, we can also embed colourless or coloured crystals on them if you want to. In order for you to choose the right charm for a special event in your life or your loved one’s life, let us look into our different charm products that you can select for specific events.

Memory Locket Charms for Anniversaries, Weddings, and Valentine’s Day:

Whether you are married or exclusively dating, we have a lot of beautiful charms that you can give your partner on your anniversary. First, we have the charm that is moulded into the shape of the infinity symbol. It is filled with sparkly and genuine Swarovski crystals that make it more attractive and elegant.

We also have a charm wherein a man and a woman are kissing and are facing each other. Both their heads are embedded with one piece of Swarovski crystal. Another charm that can be used to symbolise relationship milestones is the enamel flower that has crystals in the middle. Flower charms are excellent choices for couples who are just starting out because it is a symbolism of blooming good and colourful relationships.

Nevertheless, if you want to have pre-made memory lockets, you can go ahead and purchase any of our couple sets. Each set is composed of one 25-millimeter sterling silver locket, whether with crystals or none, that has three different charms inside, as well as an 18-inch chain. The charms contained inside are the kissing couple, the infinity symbol, and a silver heart that can be imprinted with words or phrases or embedded with crystals.

Charms for New Birth and Christening:

If you have a loved one who just gave birth or whose child is about to be baptized, we also have good selections of floating charms for them. A direct symbol for mothers who just gave birth is our baby feet charms. These are silver charms that are moulded into a shape of small and cute feet that are connected. This charm, however, is too tiny that is why we recommend that you add more charms if you are going to choose it as an initial charm.

On the other hand, our most direct charm that signifies the entry of a child into the Christian world is the cross. It is filled Swarovski crystals that are colourless. We have stuck with the colourless crystal because the coloured ones may overpower the shape and look of the cross. Thus, we do not also recommend that you change it.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is best that you incorporate other charms when you choose to use the baby feet symbol. Thus, in relation to that, we also created pre-made sets for your loved ones who just had a baby. As similar to our couple sets, each set also has a locket that has three charms and a chain.

The charms included are a heart with crystals, a plain silver heart, and plain silver baby feet. You can choose the set that has a heart charm that is embedded with colourless crystals if you are not sure about the gender of the baby. However, if it is a baby boy, you can choose the set that has the colour blue crystals. And for a baby girl, you can choose the one that has pink crystals.

So, for any special occasion, give yourself or a loved something that is precious, timeless, and genuine by going through our floating memory locket charms.