Locket Necklace Charms

Locket Necklace Charms – Birthday Charms

Locket necklace charms are widely available today, with so many different designs and colours to choose from. If you are looking for locket charms for someone’s birthday, there are various different factors to consider. Each month of the year has its own flower and birth colour, for instance, both of which have their own meaning. You could use this to choose a special charm.

The birth colour of January is said to be caramel and the flower is either a carnation or snowdrop. This flower symbolises devoted love and fascination, and babies born in this month are supposedly sure-footed and logical. Lilac is the birth colour of February, with a primrose or violet being the birth flower. Gorgeous lilac flower charms would make the perfect gift for someone born in this month. Aqua is the colour of March, and jonquil and daffodil are the birth flowers. Add some aqua crystals to your memory locket for the perfect gift. Fiery and energetic is the type of charm you should be looking for in April, as the birth colour is cayenne. Emerald is the birth colour of May, making vibrant green crystal charms the perfect option. Lily of the Valley is the birth flower, which symbolises hope and fertility – ideal if you are buying a keepsake for a young child. Aspen gold is associated with June, coral is the colour of July, and vibrant orange is the shade of August. September offers great possibilities, as aster flowers bring love, and the birth colour is blue. Soft blue is for October, November’s colour is claret red, and December’s is pagoda blue.

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