Build Your Own Locket

Build Your Own Locket For A Newborn Baby Girl

Build your own locket for a newborn baby girl, and give her something she can cherish when she gets older. When a new baby is welcomed into the family, it is common to buy a special gift for the child – something that will be kept until they are old enough to appreciate it.

A memory locket is the perfect gift for a baby girl. You can fill this gorgeous necklace with special locket charms, creating a meaningful piece of jewellery that can be a keepsake while also providing her with something special to wear when she gets older. If you like this suggestion, the first step is to buy the pendant. There are numerous different styles available, from plain sterling silver memory lockets to those that are encrusted in Swarovski crystals. Once you have decided on the style of locket, the next step is to select the charms to go with it. There are numerous different charms to choose from. The first suggestion would be to choose something that symbolises the love you have for the new baby, such as the infinity sign or a heart charm. Once you have done this, you can then look for charms that symbolise new life and a baby being born. A good example of this would be a sterling silver baby feet charm. You can then add unique girly touches, with charms such as a princess crown charm, a pink magic wand charm and/or a silver bow charm. For a personalised touch, why not consider a fingerprint charm? You can get the baby’s fingerprint imprinted onto a charm for something unique and extra special.

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