Heart Necklace Charm

Heart Necklace Charm – Why Does A Heart Represent Love?

Heart necklace charm is the perfect gift to show someone how much they mean to you. But have you ever wondered why such gifts are associated with love? Why has the heart become the universal symbol for this emotion? We explore the reasons in further detail below.

The truth is that no one is really certain regarding how the heart took on its current meaning, despite the fact that the symbol itself can be traced back many generations. One of the main theories is that, during the 17th century B.C., in the city-state of Cyrene, the silphium plant was utilised for birth control. Legend has it that the plant was extremely vital to the local economy, so much so that they minted coins that portrayed the seedpod of the plant. It so happens that the seedpod looks like the heart shape we are familiar with today. However, this plant is not the only natural element that looks similar to the shape of a heart. From birds, to fruit and flowers, a multitude of living nature showcases this shape when positioned in the correct manner. In fact, there are a lot of people that argue that the shape of leaves is responsible for the heart shape we adore today. Leaves were used to illustrate romantic love between women and men in many paintings that date back to the Middle Ages. Leaves also depicted the spiritual love between God and mankind, and so many believe this is why a heart represents love.

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