Heart Charms For Necklaces

Heart Charms For Necklaces – The Different Heart Charms Available

Heart charms for necklaces are exceptionally popular. After all, a heart is the universal symbol of love, and so it is not hard to see why so many people want heart charms for their memory lockets. But did you know that there are many different styles of this charm available? Read on to discover more about the options you can choose from.

Let’s start with the most basic option – a plain sterling silver heart charm. Sometimes, simple is best. If you have other elaborate styles of charms in your pendant, you may prefer to go for a classic heart design to add some balance. Alternatively, if you want to go for something more striking and glamorous, why not choose a heart that is encrusted with stunning Swarovski crystals? You can choose from an assortment of colours, adding some sparkle to your memory locket. The options don’t end there. Another type of heart charm that is popular is sterling silver hearts that have words printed across them, such as ‘mum’ or ‘friend’. This is a great idea if you are buying the charm as a gift for someone else. However, perhaps one of the most beautiful heart charmsaround is the fingerprint charm. You could have your baby’s or your other half’s fingerprint pressed onto the heart. This ensures that the charm is completely unique to you, and it gives it an extra special touch, which will mean your heart charm is a keepsake that can be passed down through generations.

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