Floating Locket Pendant

Floating Locket Pendant – Add Good Luck With A Horseshoe Charm

Floating locket pendant may be something you own, or you are interested in buying; and if so, you will need a charm or several to go inside the locket. One option that is well worth considering is the horseshoe charm. This isn’t only for animal lovers and anyone that goes horse riding.

While these charms are great for anyone who loves horses or enjoys horse racing, they are also just as perfect for those who have no interest in the animal whatsoever. This is because the horseshoe is one of the most well known symbols for good luck in the Western world. Who wouldn’t want to benefit from a slice of luck? By adding a horseshoe to your collection of floating locket charms, you can wear it in your locket with the aim of bringing luck to your life. As a protective symbol, this is also a great gift for someone that you love and care about, as not only does it bring luck, but it is also designed to protect against any type of evil. It is a symbol that is known is Islamic art and is common in Egyptian iconography, and so it has great cultural meaning and is respected all over the world. A lot of people believe that finding an old horseshoe is lucky, especially if the nails are still in place. In fact, they believe that if you find one by chance, it has tenfold the power of a horseshoe that has been purchased! Nonetheless, adding a horseshoe charm to your gift is guaranteed to make the recipient feel very lucky indeed.

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