Floating Locket Necklace And Floating Charms

Floating Locket Necklace And Floating Charms – Infinity Symbol Charm

Floating locket necklace and floating charms make a beautiful gift for anyone special in your life. Alternatively, why not treat yourself? This stunning piece of jewellery is something everyone should own: it looks elegant, yet it also has special meaning based on the charms that are contained inside of it.

There are many different types of floating locket charms available today, and one of the most popular is the infinity symbol charm. This mathematical symbol represents the concept of infinity – a number that is greater than any countable number, or the state or quality of being infinite. Infinity charms are a beautiful way to represent your love for someone or something; that it is never ending and that it is too big to be quantified. It is a great alternative to the popular heart charms or it can, of course, be teamed with one. The infinity symbol is a sideways figure eight. John Wallis was credited with introducing the symbol in 1655, alongside its mathematical meaning. There is no explanation behind the selection of this symbol by Wallis. However, it has been conjectured that it is a variant form of a Roman numeral for 1,000. In the modern day, this symbol has taken on unique meaning, being used in the works of Vladimir Nabokov, as well as modern mysticism. It is also a common feature in graphic design.

If you want to add an infinity charm to your collection, or you want to show someone how much you love them, you will be pleased to know that this is a charm we stock at Encanto Jewellery. We actually have an extensive selection of charms available, suited to all tastes and occasions. To see our floating locket necklace and floating charms collection, head to https://encantojewellery.co.uk. If you have any queries, call 01562 884450.