Floating Charm Memory Locket

Floating Charm Memory Locket And Charms For A Christening Gift

Floating charm memory locket is the perfect gift if you are attending a christening. Most people would agree that there isn’t anything as magical as the birth of a new baby boy or girl. And so, when a baby gets christened, it is a good idea to buy them a keepsake, which can be looked after until they are old enough to appreciate it.

Floating charm lockets make the perfect gift, as this is something the child can wear when they are older. Also, it is a gift that carries great depth of meaning, with each charm representing a specific event or an emotion. So, let’s take a look at some of the charms that can be incorporated when building a christening memory locket. Baby feet charms are an adorable choice, of course, representing the birth of the child. They add a cute touch, and when the child grows up, they will know that this locket has been with them from the very start. Another adorable option is to add an angel wings charm. By doing this, you are giving the child their very own guardian angel, ensuring they have protection and someone watching over them. You may want to consider incorporating charms that represent the love you have for the new baby, such as a love heart or even the infinity symbol. Letter charms are also popular, allowing you to add the first letter of the baby’s name to the pendant.

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