Frequently Asked Questions

1Ashes & Memorial Jewellery
  • Your ashes charms are made by combining a small amount of your loved ones ash with cold enamel and a pigment colouring of your choice.
  • Your charm will not yellow or fade and is solid so will not crack or break
  • Once your piece is made it cannot be altered as the cremation ash permanently set in the enamel
  • We will send out a kit once you have completed your order
  • We require approximately one teaspoon of cremation ash to create your charm for you
  • All unused ash will be returned to you securely double wrapped
  • Each and every charm is handmade and unique.
  • Please contact us if you would like to discuss your order and have any special requests
2Fingerprint Charms
  • Working in conjunction with Your finger print charm is carefully hand made using the print you send to us
  • Each print charm is a partial print to ensure we include as much detail as possible
  • The price you pay includes the kit required to create the print.
  • Our print charms are not hallmarked as this attracts and additional cost. If you would like a hallmark added please contact us and we can discuss the process with you.  The additional cost will be somewhere in the region of £20.00

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