Cremation Pendants For Ashes – A Thoughtful Gift For The Whole Family

Cremation pendants for ashes make a thoughtful and beautiful gift for the entire family when someone has passed away. There is nothing worse than losing a loved one. The pain is unbearable, yet a gift like this can help family members to feel close to the person they have lost at all times.

It is a small consolation, but it can be a great source of comfort. All family members and close friends can keep the person near to their heart and carry them with them everywhere they go. As you only need a small teaspoonful of ashes for each charm, it means that everyone who was close to the person can have one of the pendants for ashes. No one will feel left out or like you are trying to take control. The remaining ashes can then be scattered somewhere or kept in an urn, depending on the wishes of the person that has passed away. It is worth noting that you can get remembrance charms in a wide variety of colours; so you could choose a different colour for each family member. Alternatively, you could select the favourite colour of the person who has passed away. There are then many different charms that can be added to the memory locket alongside the cremation ash charm to create the perfect remembrance locket. This includes the likes of heart charms, angel wings charms, and letter charms, featuring the initial of the person that has passed.

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