Charms In Lockets – Choosing The Ideal Keepsake For You

Charms have become one of the most popular gifts in recent years, with more people than ever purchasing necklaces and bracelets they then want to populate with beautiful charms. There is also a growing trend for lockets and locket sets that demonstrate the personality of the wearer and signify a particular moment in their life. Charm lockets and other such jewellery items can tell a story about the wearer and, often, they enjoy collecting charms that reflect their personality. It also provides a perfect present opportunity for family and friends to add to the collection. So, what are your options when it comes to charms and lockets?

Why Choose Silver Charms For Your Charm Collection?

Silver charms are popular due to their durability and value for money. Best of all, sterling silver charms are beautiful to view, allowing them to shine perfectly wherever you choose to wear them. It’s not uncommon, for example, for people to attach charms to key rings or purses, allowing a distinctive flash of personality with that particular item. If you’re creating a charm locket set that you wish to be specifically about you and your life, it’s a good idea to pick a theme and stick with it. This means buying charms from the same collections that complement each other. As much as you may adore a gold-plated butterfly charm, it won’t sit well alongside a themed collection of sterling silver charms. Silver charms come in various varieties, allowing you to create a piece of jewellery that is unique to you. For example, heart charms are popular gifts for people, allowing them to carry around a representation of a partner’s love or perhaps a parent’s, or child’s. The possibilities with silver charms are endless, and you can develop a charm collection and an overall jewellery collection that is unique to your style and personality with a range of charms available.

Encase Your Personality Within A Sterling Silver Locket

Locket charms have enjoyed a surge in popularity in the last few years. These lockets can be personalised to depict or reflect a certain moment in time or a relationship. Consequently, a sterling silver locket with charms is an excellent gift to buy for someone you love. The variety of charms available mean that you can adapt a piece of jewellery to any occasion. For example, there are charms on the market that celebrate the birth of a child, but there are also letters available to be used within charm lockets. This means you can create a unique representation of a child’s birth by adding the letters of parents and baby together. In this sense, charm lockets are also an excellent wedding gift or a birthday gift between partners. You can link two names together via two letters and a love heart to provide a representation of the relationship that is both fitting and stylish. While in the past such representations have seemed cheap and flimsy, now you can purchase quality charms and lockets that stand the test of time – just like your love and affection. With locket charms, the possibilities to tell a particular story are endless.

Swarovski Pendants Include Beautiful Charm Options

One of the most popular contributors to stunning crystal charms are Swarovski. Using floating locket charms, anyone can create a beautiful piece of jewellery that will shine for years to come. Swarovski crystals are also used in the manufacture of some lockets themselves. Embellishing a locket with these crystals not only provides a brilliant backdrop for your chosen charms, it ensures that the locket itself is part of the display. Some manufacturers are primarily concerned with the charms themselves and skimp on the design of the locket. However, the best craftsmen recognise that Swarovski pendants that are embellished with crystals form part of a gift that means more to the recipient and looks beautiful. Floating charm lockets should be designed with personality in mind. This means that you should have a choice about the colour of crystal available for embellishment, along with choosing the right charms for you. Swarovski crystal is wonderfully adaptable, whether you’re representing a love of animals or the love of another person. To design the ideal charm locket, with significance, search the charms available via your chosen craftsmen and imagine how they will look together. Remember, you’re creating a charm locket that is unique to one person.

Choose Memory Lockets To Keep Someone Close

On a basic level, many lockets can be considered memory lockets as they depict a certain event or time and are perhaps are associated with the person who gave it to you. These lockets can depict everything from birth through to marriage, anniversaries, and death. Loss is a common reason for someone to develop their own charm locket, allowing them to keep part of their loved one close by. The ability to create a unique representation of a lost loved one is one thing that draws people towards floating charm lockets. You can include their initials in charm form, for instance, or use a representation of something they loved, such as a pet paw or a star. A memory locket is something very unique to you and many people find creating one and wearing it daily a good way to remember someone special. Pendants for ashes and other commemorative articles are an excellent way to keep a lost loved one close. However, as with all charm and pendant options, you should be certain to buy from a reputable manufacturer who takes pride in their work developing keepsakes and gifts. A company such as Encanto Jewellery will create a piece that will stay with you for years to come.

Shop For Superb Lockets Plus Charms With Encanto Jewellery

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