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Floating Memory Lockets & Charms UK

Floating memory lockets & charms UK wide make the perfect gift for any new mum. There are very few moments in life that are as precious as giving birth – in fact, most people would agree that nothing comes close. Make the moment extra special by presenting your beautiful wife or girlfriend with a stunning memory locket.

Encanto Floating Lockets and Floating Charms: Gifts That are Perfect for Mothers

Are you a daughter or a son who wants to express your appreciation to your mother? Or are you a husband, a friend, or a relative who wants to make sure that your loved one, who just gave birth, is appreciated when it comes to her hardships during her pregnancy and child delivery?

Although words of gratefulness, hugs, and kisses are good ways for you to express your appreciation and love to a mother, giving her a symbolic gift that will make her remember those will be better. Then, our floating charm lockets at Encanto Jewellery, our company, might just be the right gift for her.

Before we get into the details about our floating memory lockets, let us first introduce you to our company and team, as well as to the different materials that we use. Through that, you will be able to have an in-depth knowledge about the product that you will be buying from us.

An Overview of Our Company

We are a jewellery boutique in the United Kingdom that is composed of experienced jewellery makers who have great skills in and knowledge about how to safely and properly handle precious stones and metals. We are known for using 92.5% silver materials and genuine stones and gems, as well as crisp-lined, well-polished, and perfectly sculpted metals.

We specialise in manufacturing and selling pre-made sets of and personalised per-piece floating lockets and floating charms. The good thing about our products is that they are easily recognizable because we have placed special markings to signify their authenticity, as well as our conformity with international standards for jewellery production.

One marking that you will usually find in our jewellery is the 925 symbol which stands for the percentage of silver material that has been used in our product. Next to it is the second marking which is the symbol EJ, which stands for our company’s name, Encanto Jewellery. Also, if you will be buying necklace and bracelet chains in our company, you will find a heart that is placed inside a letter “O” on their tags and packages.

Why 92.5% Silver?

The popular term for an item that has 92.5% silver material is sterling silver. The remaining 7.5% is related to the different precious metals that have been mixed with the silver material. Although you might think that 100% silver will be a better option, experts who have set the international standard for silver products say otherwise.

Jewelry produced using sterling silver, like our products, have better levels of strength and sparkle. They also manifest better shapes as compared to when using 100% silver. That is because pure silver is very soft which makes it hard to mould and stay in shape.

Floating Charm Lockets

As you may already know, a locket is a type of an ornament that is usually used as a necklace pendant. It differs from traditional pendants because it can be open or closed and it typically contains a picture of your loved or any sentimental item. Floating lockets, on the other hand, are pendants that have clear cases, usually made of glass, which contain charms or symbolic elements. Since the locket is transparent, the charm enclosed inside will appear like it is floating.

In our company, you can choose from different types of charms that can symbolise your appreciation to your mother, to a loved one who just gave birth, or to any mothers whom you know.

Our Floating Memory Lockets with Charms

Our sterling silver memory lockets come in a circular shape to emphasise the never-ending or infinity symbolism. At one area of the locket, there is a two-inch extension wherein you will place the chain. The silver chain, which has a length of 18 inches, is also included in the package that we offer.

Besides, the edge of the locket is surrounded with beautiful and authentic Swarovski crystals. Nevertheless, you can also opt to have a plain sterling silver chain.

Personalised Heart-shaped Charms

When it comes to the charm or charms that you want to place inside the locket, we can give you several options. The most common one is the heart-shaped silver charm. That is recommended for you if you want to directly say “I love you” to your mother or wife. Since the heart is a very generic symbol for love, our company will give you several options for you to be able to personalise your gift.

One is that we can have the word “mum” printed on the heart-shaped charm, but you may also choose to have other words printed like their names, your name, “I love you”, or anything else that can fit on the charm. We also have the so-called fingerprint charm. As the name implies, it is a heart-shaped charm wherein your fingerprint or the fingerprint of the person’s loved one, whom you will give the gift to, is imprinted.

In addition, we can also completely embed the heart-shaped charm with eye-catching Swarovski crystals. We will also be giving you the freedom to choose the colour of the crystal that will be placed on it.

Personalised Baby Feet Charms

In case you are eyeing to gift a loved one, who just gave birth, with something that will commemorate that important milestone in her life, you can choose our silver charm that has a baby feet shape. In order to personalise it, we can have the name of the baby imprinted on the charm. Nonetheless, the plain one is still beautiful and has a strong meaning.

Floating Lockets with Multiple Charms

If you want to gift your mother or loved one who is a mother with a floating memory locket that has a stronger message, then you can choose to have three different charms in one locket. You can put both a personalised or plain heart and baby feet charm and then choose the third charm that you want to incorporate.

Other Options for Our Customers

Our company is aware that different clients have different needs and preference. Thus, we are also giving our clients the freedom to just buy charms from us. If you already have a locket, primarily if it has been inherited, you can choose from the different charms available in our company, as well as have it personalised. We are also willing to put the charms inside your own lockets.

Since our company values you, as our client, we make sure that every quality product that you buy from us will be placed securely and beautifully inside a gift box. Thus, you no longer have to worry about wrapping your special gift to your mom, wife, or loved one who just gave birth.

Memory lockets are necklaces that feature a unique glass pendant, which can be filled with different charms. This makes the perfect gift for a new mum, as you can fill the necklace with charms that symbolise the birth of the new child. There are many different charms that can be used to symbolise such a momentous occasion. Let’s begin with the most obvious symbol of them all – a heart. A heart is the universal symbol of love. There are many different gorgeous heart charms that are available, from sterling silver pendants to those adorned with stunning Swarovski crystals. You could also opt for a heart charm that has the word ‘mum’ written on it. The options don’t end there.

There are also cute baby feet charms, which are a must-have for any new parent. Or, you could opt for a charm that is completely unique to the mum, and this is a fingerprint charm. The baby’s fingerprint can be imprinted on a sterling silver charm, creating a special keepsake that the new mum will cherish for years and years to come.

At Encanto Jewellery we have a great assortment of floating memory lockets UK delivery for sale, and a stunning range of charms to go with them, including unique fingerprint charms.

All items purchased are shipped in a unique ‘bag box’, ensuring the gift is ready for you to give to your loved one.

To see the different options we have available, all you need to do is head to https://encantojewellery.co.uk.eo.