How To Care For Your Sterling Silver Locket

It is not hard to see why sterling silver is popular. Not only does it look amazing, but it is incredibly versatile and durable too. However, you do need to give your silver a bit of TLC too. Read on to discover how to care for your sterling silver locket properly to ensure it looks good for years and years to come.

Over time, metal can corrode or tarnish. To avoid this happening, you need to know how to store, wear, and clean your silver charms and locket correctly. But first, let’s begin by taking a look at what causes tarnishing: this is when sulphur or oxygen comes into contact with sterling silver. This causes it to turn a darker colour. The higher the purity of the silver, the quicker it will tarnish. So, to avoid this happening, you need to care for your sterling silver locket properly. This begins with storing it correctly to minimise oxidation. To do this, you should store all jewellery pieces individually. Make sure they are placed in an airtight bag, and that they are kept within an area with low humidity. All closures and clasps should be unhooked, and place a piece of chalk or packet of silica in the storage bag. You can also prevent tarnishing by wearing your memory lockets regularly. This is because the oils from your body will have a cleaning effect.

You do need to be mindful about when you wear your locket and locket charms, however, as certain activities can cause corrosion or accelerate tarnishing. So, before doing any of the following, make sure you remove your sterling silver jewellery: putting on makeup or lotion, spraying hairspray, swimming, sunbathing, cooking with any foods that contain sulphur, and using household cleaning supplies. If you wear silver jewellery while partaking in any of these activities, you will accelerate the wear and tear process. You also need to clean your sterling silver jewellery properly, and polishing is the best way to do so. When cleaning your jewellery, avoid rubbing too hard on any engraved sections, follow the grain of the silver instead of rubbing in a circular pattern, and avoid areas that are intentionally oxidised. Aside from this, you should frequently rotate to a new section of the cloth, and use a special non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching. It shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up one of these clothes from a local store, or your jeweller will happily recommend one. You should avoid commercial cleaning solutions that contain chemicals, as they can cause significant damage to your jewellery, as well as being a health hazard too. There are specialist silver cleaners that you can use instead.

All in all, if you want your sterling silver locket to look beautiful for years and years to come, you need to care for it properly. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you can be sure that your silver will shine brightly. It is amazing how such small changes to the way you store and care for your silver can make a massive difference.