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About Our Product

With the growing popularity of Encanto Jewellery products there is a steady rise in the number of counterfeit and imitation products entering the market. These are trying to imitate our distinct and beautiful style. Listed below are ways for you to check whether you are buying an original Encanto Jewellery product or an imitation.

Does it have the right markings?

All Encanto Jewellery products are engraved with several distinct markings that can be used to distinguish from imitators or other brands.

The EJ Marking

The first and foremost notable marking at the two letters EJ. This is the initial of Encanto Jewellery. ALL Encanto Jewellery pieces will bear this mark, it will usually be found next to the sterling silver mark. If a piece does not have this mark then, for certain, it is not a genuine Encanto Jewellery piece.

The Heart in the O

This marking can be found on the tags of all chains and packaging

The Sterling 925 Marking

925 is an international standard and required marking for jewellery pieces made from this material. Whilst it sounds nice to have something made from pure silver, this metal is actually very soft and benefits greatly from having other metals mixed in. Sterling silver must contain 92.5% silver, hence the 925 marking that is seen on all Encanto Jewellery sterling silver pieces.

In addition to the 925 mark on Encanto Jewellery sterling silver jewellery an S is added before the 925 marking. This is an international standard marking that identifies silver jewellery.

Craftsmanship and Detailing

Encanto Jewellery Charms are handmade experienced jewellery makers specialising in precious stones and metals. Each piece will have crisp lines and the sculpts polished and well-shaped.


Encanto Jewellery pieces are commodities (Gold, silver, gemstones) and their pricing is tied to the value of these materials as the metals are the biggest cost in production.

Encanto Jewellery has a strict Recommended Retail Price (RRP). Stockists that carry Encanto Jewellery products must adhere to our pricing structure. Therefore if you are looking for a deal and the price is too good to be true,
then it probably is!

Swarovski ®

All Encanto jewellery© products are embellished with glittering crystals from Swarovski® unless otherwise indicated.