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Floating Charm Locket UK – Products from Encanto Jewellery

Giving someone a gift is one of the best ways on how you can express your love, gratefulness, commendation, and other types of positive feelings. And when you choose a gift for your special someone, you always want it to be something special and symbolic, as well as for it to have a significant impact on the person whom you are giving it to. So, let us now introduced you to our company and our beautiful floating charm locket uk products.

Encanto Jewellery: Our Company

Encanto Jewellery is a UK-based jewellery boutique or company that is known for creating and selling lockets and charms for any occasions. Our products are moulded from sterling silver or 92.5% silver and 7.5% of authentic metals that have been polished well. They are being handled and created by jewellers that have a broad experience with precious stones and gems.

We also make sure that we only use genuine and glittery crystals, specifically Swarovski, that have lines that are crisp; and shape that is sculpted well. Apart from that, we also have necklace chains that are 18 inches long, which are typically included when you purchase a locket with charm or locket pendant only in our company. Nonetheless, you still have the option not to add the chain.

What is more interesting is that every item that you buy in our boutique is packaged in a unique gift box that can surely impress the person who will receive it.

Special Markings

Our company aims to provide, you, our customers with quality and genuine sterling silver products so that you can also give your loved ones something that is precious and memorable. However, with the growing popularity of our sterling silver jewellery products, there are already fake products that are being claimed to be produced by our company.

In order to resolve that problem and ensure that you are buying an authentic Encanto Jewellery product, we always make sure that we engrave markings on each of our products.

In our products, you can find the international 925 marking that indicates that the product is made with sterling silver. Next to it is the second marking, the abbreviation of our company name, which is EJ. You will also find a tag that has a symbol of a heart that is enclosed in a circle on our chains and packaging. That symbol pertains to our best-selling heart-shaped charms and circular lockets.

Lockets UK and Floating Charms

As you may already know, lockets uk are pendants that can be opened and has two areas. Traditionally, people enclose the pictures of their loved ones, as well as their photos in each of the locket spaces. It is a pendant that has great sentimental value to the point that most people pass it on to their children.

Nowadays, lockets do not just merely contain pictures or any essential items like the first haircut of a baby and the likes. You can already incorporate the so-called floating charms. They are small pieces of jewellery that have been moulded to have a characteristic shape. For them to be placed inside your locket, we have upgraded our lockets.

The central part of our lockets are made with quality and clear glass that is surrounded by silver materials Since it is transparent, the floating charm that we place inside can be seen visibly and will look like it is floating in the air.

Floating Charm Locket UK Products: How Can You Personalise Them?

For us to make sure that you can give your loved ones something that has your personal touch, we will let you customise the locket charms that you will buy from us.

Our sterling silver lockets UK come in circular shapes and have an extension wherein you can place the chain. Their surroundings can remain plain, or you can choose to have them embellished with our selection of coloured and clear Swarovski crystals. You can also choose to place one charm or three charms inside the locket.

The silver charm that you want to be incorporated in the locket can also be engraved with a name, a word, a phrase, or a fingerprint. If you do not wish to put any engravings or letterings, you can also have the charm elaborated with Swarovski crystals of any colour that you want. In addition, you also have a lot of choices when it comes to the shape of the charms that you will use.

If you want a direct expression of love, you can choose our heart-shaped charms. You can also choose any letter of the alphabet if you want a charm that symbolises the first letter of the receiver’s name or the first letter of your name. On the other hand, if you are gifting someone who loves pets, you can choose from our kitten and dog paw charms. For nature lovers, we have butterfly and flower charms for them.

Swarovski Crystal Colors:

As mentioned earlier, you are given the freedom to choose the colour of the Swarovski crystal that you want to embed on the charm and/or the locket. In selecting a colour, it is recommended that you choose the colour of the receiver’s birthstone. However, if you do not want that general symbolism, you can opt to select a colour based on its meaning.

A blue crystal, according to experts, is a crystal colour that symbolises faith, trust, peace, honour, and patience. Jewellery that has a blue crystal is also given to individuals who are about to start a career or job. A green crystal, on the other hand, is a great gift for someone who wants growth in some aspects of his or her life. It may be in their career, love life, or family.

Our most popular Swarovski crystal is the clear one. It symbolises purity, cleanliness, unity, and innocence. Nevertheless, many choose this crystal since its clear and sparkles better than the coloured ones. On the other hand, you can also choose pink crystals if you want to emphasise your love to the receiver. Apart from being a symbol of love, this colour also means passion.

The Process:

The process on how you can create Personalised Lockets the floating charm locket products that you order from us is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is choose the locket that you want, either the plain or the one with Swarovski crystals. After which, select the charm or charms that you want to put in the locket. Then, choose if you are going to put an imprint, a fingerprint, or a Swarovski crystal.

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